REUNION 2001!!

…A Boiberik Commemorative Odyssey.  The Past, Present, AND the Future.

April 27 – 29, 2001 at the The Omega Institute (former Boiberik campgrounds).  Join Together once again for a fraylach and lebedik weekend of shared memories, activities, and planning.



Celebrate a historic weekend dedicated to Boiberik.  Omega has enthusiastically offered us permanent space for an historic display in its new library currently under construction:

·         Honor the history, philosophy, and people who have been the essence of Boiberik since its inception.

·         Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a long-range project on the land of Boiberik’s roots.

·         Establish our Boiberik historic legacy display: Der Gayst fun Boiberik: the Vision, the People, and the Place




Schedule of Reunion Events:



Arrive at Omega, check-in and reconnect with fellow Boiberikaner for a relaxing dinner on the porch of the tranquil Omega Cafe.


Machn Shabbes in our Shabbes whites.  Come let us sing out together with Josh Waletsky

10pm till ?

Late night Dessert and coffee at the Cafe





Shabbes Morning Singing with Josh and:


Historic Project Dedication: Der Gayst fun Boiberik with Marsha Gildin, Itzik Gottesman, Josh Waletsky, and Vita Wolinsky




1st Annual Boiberik-Omega Scavenger Hunt led by honorary division head David Blaiwas.  Search your memory and beloved campgrounds. 



Israeli Folk Dancing with Cherie Lewin Maharam and


Add to the NEW Golden Book created by Marsha Gildin and


Free Time: Sun down at the lake; Shmooze on the auditorium fields; Enjoy an Omega massage; reconnect with old friends and make some new ones!




Camp Boiberik: The Music and Memories  Sing along to all of your favorite Mitele & Elste shows and Felker favorites.  Then join the spirit as Ed Kaufmann hosts an evening of skits and memories dedicated to the memory of Danny Berg and other Boiberikaner who ive on in our hearts.

SUNDAY  4/28




Yiddish Personalities Workshop with Itzik Gottesman


Boiberik: What the Future Holds.  A discussion by Boiberikaner.


Lunch and farewells



What to Do

If you are staying overnight at Omega, arrangements must be made directly with Omega.  See What to Pay for details.  Upon arrival at Omega register at the Omega Office.  Then proceed to the Guest/Lake Theater to register with us. 


If you are a day guest only there is no need to register at all with Omega.  You must, however, register with Boiberik at the Guest/Lake Theater. See What to Pay for details.


Note: Paid customers for one day OR the entire weekend will all be ‘tagged’ with our own Boiberik ID pin.  People without this will not be permitted on the premises!!


Please call well in advance to reserve your room.




What to Pay

Guests staying for the weekend:

Facility and registration fee of $65 for each adult and $15 for each child plus:

Housing & Meals:   “A” Cabin ---   $ 260 per person / double occupancy

“B” Cabin ---  $ 215 per person / double occupancy

Dorm Room - $ 130 per person

Children’s housing rate: $ 60.00 flat fee any housing type

Meals include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Sat.  Breakfast and Lunch on Sun.

Omega will process registrations for people staying the entire weekend.  A minimum of 50% of the combined fees is due at registration.

Omega recommends full payment prior to the event in order to facilitate Guest arrival and check-in.  Guests staying for the weekend must ALSO pay the following to our Boiberik registration committee: $25 for each adult.



Day Guests NOT staying:

Day guests for Sat. need not register with Omega.  They will pay a fee of $55 for each adult and $15 for each child to our Boiberik committee at the Guest/Lake Theater. (This day fee is split between Omega and our own Boiberik Reunion Group).  Price for Day Guests includes lunch. Meal tickets for Sat. dinner may be purchased at Guest Services.





For weekend Omega ‘sleepers’...meals begin on Saturday morning and include Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  On Sunday, breakfast and lunch are served before departure.  On Friday night, Boiberikaner have been known to dine in droves at the Omega Cafe Terrace, above the peshky stalls and overlooking the famous frog stream.  It is quite lovely, particularly at sunset, and the Cafe serves a variety of hot and cold homemade snacks and food, including some amazing ice cream!

If you are coming to the reunion to savor the cinammon toast and fried chicken of your youthful days at camp...prepare your taste buds instead for some hearty vegetarian fare.  Omega food is incredibly healthy, tasty, and plentiful.  But then again if you do start to go through greasy hamburger withdrawal, there is usually a contingency escaping to dine at the upscale trendy Schultzville General Store which now has a “cafe” of sorts (can you believe it?)..and remember to stock up on Freihoffer’s Chocolate Chip Cookies for the ride back to camp!




Accommodations Details

Omega offers four types of accommodations.  However, you may find camping by the lake in April devoid of the usual mosquitoes, but a bit chilly.  The three types of “indoor” quarters are quite a bit more “comfortable” than what one may picture from the good ole days of camp.  There is heating, carpeting, and even clean bathrooms without moths and daddy long legs getting into your toothbrushes at night...!!

Cabin A: This is a cabin room that you share with a roommate, and which has a private bath.  Linens, towels, and blankets are provided.  These are basically located on the former “guest side” which is convenient to the Omega Cafe (canteen), the Bookstore, Guest Office, Parking Lot etc.  Just like the old days.

Cabin B: This is a cabin room shared with a roommate, but you will be sharing a bathroom with ONE other room in the same cabin.  Linens, towels, and blankets are provided.  These rooms are also on the guest side. 

Dormitory:  FUN!!  If you really want a deja vu of sleeping in your old bunk...literally.  These ARE our former bunks but they are partitioned into private mini rooms with a bathroom shared by eight guests.  You must bring your own linens for these or they can be rented from Omega for a small fee.  Dorms are heated.  But you will have to search endlessly and alas fruitlessly for that graffiti you carved into the rafters of the same bunk way back when! This is everyone’s chance to spend a whole night on historic Girl’s Hill without a sneak out.

The Holiday Inn in Kingston is 845-338-0400.  The Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck is still lovely: 845-876-7077.  The Village Inn of Rhinebeck is 845-876-7000. Omega can suggest other places to stay if you prefer to room off campus.







Check out the Boiberik web site for ongoing updates of reunion activities.  The site is crammed with collections of camp photographs, prose, memories from previous reunions etc.



150 Lake Drive

Rhinebeck, NY 12572



fax: 845-266-3769

Vita Gang Wolinsky

845 354 8545 or 845 354 3831


Gail Heller

Phone:  845 -358-0124


Please Send Response ASAP: to Gail Heller-Spezial  15 Westend Ave. Nyack, NY 10960 




Address / Phone


I am planning to attend the whole weekend from Friday, April 27-Sunday.  I have reserved my room (somewhere!).


I am planning to attend Friday night, April 27th. 


I am planning to attend on Saturday, April 28th                


I would like to help out with one of the event committees. Please contact me.