Photos from Susan Sager Marenus

Two women (not sure of names), 1937

Dining Room, 1937

Photo from 1937
My mother (Tibie Friedberg Sager) is 2nd row from bottom, 1st person on left
I belive Blanche Millbauer is 2nd row, 2nd person on the right
I'd love to have people try to name the others

Joey Gottlieb in front of Felker flat, 1948

Photo from 1947
Back row from left: Myrna Lasko, Marvin Litman, Phyllis Onheiber
Front row: Joey Gottlieb & Susan Sager

Saul Faerstein & Susan Sager, 1953

Mike Goldstin & Susan Sager
South Pacific, 1958